A Modular Accessory for Urban Areas

Within my bachelor thesis I analyzed different concepts of sustainability in the area of accessory design. The selection of a material can, for sure, be seen as part of a products‘ sustainability. But the principle of modularity can pay into the topic of sustainability too. The aim of this project was to create a concept for a modular bag made out of linen, which claims to be the sole everyday companion by combining several bags.

By searching for a local, biodegradable fibre I came across linen. Linen is a fiber that gets by without pesticides and fertilizers, does not need much water and is mainly produced in Europe – Europe cultivates approximately 80% of the worldwide consumed linen.

For the conception of the bags I started out searching for the essentials every person carries around when leaving the house. I found out that most people always carry around their phone as well as their purse and bunch of keys, independently of the bag that is used. Therefore one of the bags should offer the opportunity to only carry around those essentials. If more storage space would be needed, the small bag should provide the facility to be fixed at the larger bag.

As the thesis‘ focus laid on the theoretical discussion of sustainability in the form of modularity and sustainable fibres, only the small bag, which was inspired by the trend of bumbags and smartphone pouches, was designed. For the larger bag I created a concept.

If you want to have a look at the complete thesis, you can use the download button (available in German only)