The bowls are based on the simple principle of folding a flap into a circular piece of leather. Two pieces of leather are sticked together, punched out circularly and folded from the centre to the edge, thus a volume arises out of the planar surface. The fold is sewed up in the colour of the leather and forms the fundament of the bowls steadiness. Afterwards the bowl is pulled over itself into the opposite direction, which leads to the fold bending towards the inside of it. Last but not least the edge of the leather is painted in a colour contrasting the natural coloration of the leather. Each bowl is made of waste material pieces, which provides the opportunity to offer three different sizes and at the same time reduce the waste of leather. The base of each bowl is specifically designed for the different sizes, milled out of wood and glazed in a colour matching the edge of the leather. The bowls offer the opportunity to store your favorite pieces or to decorate your home. They meet different needs and can be arranged in various combinations due to their matching colours and sizes.